Frequently asked questions

What Materials do you use?

I work primarily in mixed media including gouache, acrylic, pastel, and colored pencil on wood panel.

Do you take commissions?

At this time I am not accepting commissions.

How long does it take you to make a doll?

The long answer is over 40 years. My journey to the point where I am right now has been a long one. I am completley self taught and have spent many years working on my style -- and it continues to evolve. The short answer is that each doll takes many hours to complete. There are layers and layers of clay. There are layers and layers of paint. Then varnish. Then embellishment and dressing. Each of my pieces is one of a kind and I do my very best to sculpt, paint, and adorn them with magic.

Do you take payment plans?

Not at this time.

When will you start sculpting again?

Never say never, but doubtful. I am happiest sitting in front of my easel with a brush in my hand.