Frequently asked questions

What Materials do you use?

My dolls are hand sculpted of a air dry clay. I use several brands of clay to acheive different looks and techniques. I paint primarily with acrylics and pastels. Each doll is varnished and embellished with a variety of trims, hair, flowers, jewels, etc. The same for the new line of assemblage style shadow boxes.

Do you take commissions?

At this time I am not accepting commissions.

How long does it take you to make a doll?

The long answer is over 40 years. My journey to the point where I am right now has been a long one. I am completley self taught and have spent many years working on my style -- and it continues to evolve. The short answer is that each doll takes many hours to complete. There are layers and layers of clay. There are layers and layers of paint. Then varnish. Then embellishment and dressing. Each of my pieces is one of a kind and I do my very best to sculpt, paint, and adorn them with magic.

Will you reproduce a doll/box if I missed out on the one I wanted?

While it makes me sad that you may have not been able to purchase a piece that you liked, I do not reproduce dolls or boxes. I work very intuitively and each of my pieces tells me what it wants to be. The thought of making the same item over and over again makes me a little shaky. I hope that you will find that perfect piece for you at some point and give it a forever home.

Do you take payment plans?

I will be happy to work out a payment plan with you if you see a piece you like but need to spread your payments out. I ask that you email me at amberleilani@hotmail.com. I only check my emails at night, so if I do not respond right away, please be patient. For payment plans I require half down (non refundable) and the rest paid within 30 days.

You've started painting.... Why?

Short Answer: I badly sprained my left wrist and have not been able to sculpt.

When will you start sculpting again?

I don't know. After nearly four months in a splint, my wrist is slowly healing. I will probably try some sculpting in January 2019, but right now I am taking things very slowly. We will see what happens...