Current Work

As my work has grown and changed over the years, I am finding that creating from my heart - not creating withing a theme - is what truly makes my heart sing. I am enjoying painting portraits, florals, patterns, and abstracts. My work, like me, is a continual work in progress and is ever evolving.

I have begun exploring the themes of my pattern and texture by honoring my grandmothers and great aunts who made the beautiful, hand stitched quilts that have been handed down to me over the years. 

Having recently moved to an historic neighborhood in North Carolina, I find myself more drawn to nature and have begun incorporating floral and leaf motifs and colors into my paintings.

I am still exploring mood and emotion within my portraits, using symbols that are both ancient and modern. I have begun using the pattern motif as a way to express how we, as humans,  are patchworks of emotion and as women, we often use pattern, color, and design to highlight as well as conceal what is deep within us. 


Below you can find examples of my current work.