About Me...


Amber Leilani is a self taught artist, born in the brambles somewhere in northwest Georgia.

Over the last twenty years she has worked as a jewelry designer, doll maker, and painter.
Her Halloween and Day of the Dead dolls and dioramas are in private collections around the world.

A bad wrist injury in 2018 put sculpting on hold for Amber.
To amuse herself while healing and not become a puddle on the sofa in front of Netflix, she turned to painting.

She now works primarily in oil but still dabbles in mixed media and watercolor.

Amber hopes to bring her love of the magical and mystical to her work. 

She loves painting and collecting portraits. reading good books, cooking and eating good food, and having real conversations.

Amber is inspired by myths and folklore, nature, pattern, peeling paint, fairy tales, and the smell of old wood and old books.

She lives and works in a hundred year old house in New Orleans, LA with her husband and feline minion, Patches.

When she is queen she will outlaw leaf blowers.